Balmoral offers a full service and comprehensive equestrian program. From National Horse of the Year title or just learning how to ride, the Balmoral team will help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Balmoral offers convenient locations in Malibu and West Los Angeles.

Traci & Carleton Brooks and the Balmoral team truly enjoy sharing their combined knowledge and experience with their riders. Enjoy the ride!

Training, Tips, Techniques & More!

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Leaning On The Bit – Quick Tip

Leaning On The Bit – Quick Tip

In this Quick Tip episode, Traci and Carleton Brooks discuss how they modified training equipment for their young horse who tends to lean on the bit with his tongue. In this case they have removed the Cavesson so that the horse can move his tongue more freely. Without adding any leverage to the bridle you can ask your horse to move forward or backwards.

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Cane Stick – Quick Tip

Cane Stick – Quick Tip

In this Quick Tip episode, Carleton Brooks gives a quick tip about using a cane stick to help train your horse. It does not hurt or sting your horse and as such they don’t get offended to the cane stick. The cane stick can help you teach your horse using a rhythm and a “thud”, simply hitting your (the rider’s own leg).

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Warming Up Your Horse

Warming Up Your Horse

In this episode, Traci and Carleton Brooks demonstrate the proper way to warm up your horse before a lesson. Listen as they explain how they get up of the saddle and let their horse jog and stretch. They do some figure eights so that they’re working in both directions. Before working your horse, you always want to make sure your horse is nice and loose, comfortable and feel for any issues that the horse might be having that day.

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