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Master the Pony Conformation Model with Traci and Carleton Brooks.

Learn everything you need to know to master your next pony model. From first impressions to helping your pony look its best, this episode will give you the tools to take your conformation model game to the next level.

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Thank you to Blenheim EquiSports for hosting.

ABout Balmoral

Balmoral provides world-class hunter, jumper and equitation training out of three locations in Southern California; Malibu, Los Angeles and Palos Verdes.

Traci and Carleton Brooks have a lifetime of experience with horses, an extensive teaching and training background and a keen ability to match horses and riders and produce results. They share an appreciation and respect for horses, and in addition to their training skills they are also well known for their high standard of horse care and attention to detail.

Together they’ve trained and produced numerous National Champions such as Penn Square, Ragtime Cowboy, Triton Z, Wish List, Sleepwalk, Virtue and Corallie. They are also well known for bringing riders from beginners to National Champions. Together they have trained horses and riders to numerous championship at shows such as The Pennsylvania National Horse Show, The Washington International Horse Show, The National Horse Show, Devon, Junior Hunter Finals and International Derby Finals.

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